DataStream is an authorized, value-added developer and marketer of the OsteoGram®, an FDA approved application to screen for osteoporosis utilizing a low-dose hand x-ray.  Datastream works with well-know academic experts to develop applications that estimate bone age and that follow the progression of various forms of bone degeneration or loss.

Datastream's expertise has broad application in the dental field where bone assessment of the jaw is appropriate for patients with low bone mass undergoing stressful procedures.

DataStream's in-depth knowledge of image processing and digital imaging platform integration positions the Company as a ideal OEM developer for leading imaging platform providers and pharmaceutical firms performing clinical trials.  Datastream OEM partners included Fujifilm Medical USA, VIDAR and ComMed Inc.

The OsteoGram is a patented software application to screen patients for osteoporosis utilizing a simple, low-dose film or digital x-ray of the hand.
DataStream is a value-added developer creating enhanced applications using the underlying OsteoGram technology. Our developers previously integrated the OsteoGram into digital x-ray platforms from Carestream (formerly Kodak Health Group), FUJIMED USA, Konica Minolta and Swissray International.



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Bone Density Measurement Software for DICOM Compliant Systems

OsteoGram® DICOM For filmless x-ray systems