Chelsio Communications is a market and technology leader enabling the convergence of networking, storage and clustering traffic over 10Gb Ethernet.

With its proven Terminator ASIC technology designed in more than 100 OEM platforms and the successful deployment of more than 100,000 ports, Chelsio has enabled unified wire solutions for LAN, SAN and cluster traffic. With its unique ability to fully offload TCP, iSCSI and iWARP protocols on a single chip, Chelsio’s adapter cards unburden communications responsibilities and processing overhead from servers and storage systems, resulting in a dramatic increase in application performance.

And with its recently announced fourth generation ASIC technology, Chelsio has taken the unified wire to the next level with full offload for TCP, iSCSI, iWARP and Fibre Channel over Ethernet. Network convergence over 10Gb Ethernet is happening now, and Chelsio is a driving force behind the consolidation.