VIDAR Systems Corporation is a recognized world leader in medical and dental imaging markets.

VIDAR film digitizers support a variety of applications, including PACS, mammography CAD, teleradiology, oncology and orthopedic surgery.  VIDAR's reputation is well-known for quality, reliability, and dependability.  Over 100 global solutions providers including GE, Siemens, CareStream, Fujifilm, AGFA, Phillips partner with VIDAR to offer the highest quality medical film digitizers to hospitals and clinics worldwide.


Products Application DataSheet Download
NDT PRO X-Ray Film Digitizer for Non-Destructive Film
DiagnosticPRO Advantage PACS, Mammograhpy, Orthopedic Surgery   
Sierra Advantage Network Integration
Dental Film Digitizer Dental
TeleradPRO Medical Film Digitizer for General Radiology & Teleradiology
DosimetryPRO Advantage(Red) Radiation Therapy
CAD PRO Advantage Mammography, CAD
ClinicalExpress DICOM Film Acquisition Software