HPC - Media Post Production

In the production of film, games and commercials, quality and speed are both critical. Customers need solutions to solve their storage and data management bottlenecks, that are cost-effective and highly scalable for post-production tasks - whether CGI animation rendering, or transcoding.  ModernTech offers the industry's leading post production storage solution that supercharges your media work-flows.  [Learn more...]

HPC Energy and Life Science

Energy and Life Science companies are actively involved with applications producing massive datasets that are growing exponentially.  Leading energy firms requires high-performance storage to increase the speed and accuracy of programs to identify the location of future oil exploration sites.  ModernTech offers the industry's leading storage solutions that have been proven at the world's leading energy and bioscience organizations.  [Learn more...]

Financial HFT technologies

In the world of High-Frequency Trading (HFT), opportunities exist only fleetingly.   The trading solutions must deliver the lowest latency in order to be competitive.  ModernTech offers the best-of-breed networking solutions that are used at the world's leading stock exchanges and financial institutions.  [Learn more...]

Datacenter - Cloud Computing

Rather than having a downsizing effect, virtualization drives Data Center growth.  The emergenc of applications such as YouTube, iTunes, Skype and Facebook has created both a data explosion and an applications explosion that are increasing demand for capacity, performance and content delivery at  the Data Center and Cloud Computing services providers.  [Learn more...]

Teleradiology & Medical Imaging

According to HIMSS,2008 Global Perspective white paper, EHRs will become standard in all developed and developing countries driven by the internal need for better and more cost-effective healthcare.   ModernTech offers a variety of medical imaging solutions that help hospitals and clinics transition to digital imaging and film-less work-flows.  [Learn more...]